Experienced local Nelson concrete cutter and polisher

John offers over 14 years in the concrete cutting, polishing and drilling industry in the Nelson Tasman Region and can visit your site with no obligation for an inspection & to offer advice in regards to your concrete cutting, polishing or drilling job. Competitive pricing and special rates can be negotiated for repeat clients or for large jobs. John is a member of NZ Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association and follows safe work practices.

Concrete Cutting Services that John can offer include

  • Concrete Polishing
  • Concrete Cutting
  • Asphalt & Seal Cutting
  • Expansion Cuts
  • Kerb & Channel Cutting
  • Cutting Chases, Indoors & Outdoors
  • Retaining Wall Cutting
  • Pavers & Rock Cutting
  • Hole Drilling & Boring
  • Holes for Heat Pump, Air Conditioning & Other Ducting
  • Floor Grinding
  • Concrete Aggregate Floor Grinding
  • Floor Preparation, Glue Removal etc
  • Cutting Humes Pipes
  • 5mm & 10mm Decorative Cutting
  • Small Window and Door Cutting
  • Traffic Light Loops
  • Wet Vacuum Cleaners to Remove Slurry
  • Clean up After Jobs Finished
  • Truck with Water Tank & Pump
  • And more !

John works with

  • Trades people
  • Plumbers
  • Builders
  • Electricians
  • Landscape Designers
  • Private Homeowners
  • Contractors
  • Industrial Clients

Or anyone wanting

  • quality workmanship
  • personal friendly attention
  • timely service
  • flexible hours
  • sound advice
  • competitive pricing
  • new reliable equipment
  • safe work practises
  • full public liability and indemnity insurance carried
  • qualified member of NZ Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association

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Exceptional hard wearing high quality polished finish.

exposed concrete aggregate floor decorative concrete floor indoors


Retail Showroom Polished Concrete floorPolished exposed aggregate concrete floors are
a contemporary flooring solution that has many advantages:

  • exceptional hard wearing surface
  • attractive polished finish
  • interior design compatibility with natural wood or steel, glass & other modern finishes
  • coloured stone or glass can be added
  • eco friendly, absorbs solar energy during the day & releases warmth in the evenings
  • cost efficient alternative to tiles
  • low maintenance, easy to clean
  • long lasting

Ideal for:

  • Office floors
  • Retail fitouts and Showrooms
  • Kitchen Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Patios
  • Entrance Foyers

Polished concrete kitchen floorFor a quality finish it is important that:

- the concrete aggregate is poured & laid by a contractor experienced & specialising in exposed aggregate finish

- the correct finishing sealant product is chosen and applied

- Polished concrete floors are suitable for home areas such as:

- Kitchens

- Bathrooms

- Living areas

- Entrance Foyer areas

Contact John for advice and referral to experienced concrete placers and contractors to ensure your polished concrete and aggregate floor looks the best.



Step 1. Floor Pour

A special Aggregate Concrete floor mix is poured, the mix includes extra stone.


  • You can add by hand additional stone during pouring to obtain a more even coverage
  • Coloured or white stones or coloured glass can be added for special effects
  • To achieve the best results IT IS IMPORTANT THAT: -Your concrete contractor or builder is specialist in pouring aggregate concrete floors. Contact John for a list of recommended aggregate floor layers
  • Concrete should be BULL FLOATED (not Kellyfloated). Kellyfloated concrete gives a hard surface layer which is difficult to grind through & to polish.
  • The last top section of the pour should NOT BE VIBRATED (so that the stone remains near the surface)
  • The concrete should be CUT (straight expansion concrete saw cuts) to avoid cracking in preference to using “crack mates” which can result in uneven jagged cracks through the floor. Saw expansion cuts can be filled and then ground to give an even finish whereas “crack mates” cracks are difficult to fill and are uneven.
  • The concrete floor should be left to cure for 12 to 15 days before grinding starts to avoid the process pitting a soft concrete surface.
Before pouring concrete before polishing concrete

Before grinding starts, new concrete aggregate floor poured 12 days before (left) and
(right) Surface before grinding starts.

Step 2. Grinding and polishing

Grinding and polishing the concrete is a four grind process (4 passes over the complete floor) using grinding shoes of different diamond segments.

process for polishing concrete 1 process for polishing concrete 2
First course grind                                         Second grind 30 grit, exposes more stone process for polishing concrete 3 process for polishing concrete 4
Third Grid, removes scratches & surface pin holes     -    and the Final polish at 100 grit

Firstly the course grind 25 grit to remove top surface & expose the stone, next is the medium grind 30 to 40 grit taking out major defects and grinding the stone, followed by the third grind of fine 60 to 80 grit to remove scratches & circular scuff marks left from course grinds and the final scratch removal & smooth polish at 100 grit.

John sealing the concrete floor3. Sealing

Options for sealed finish are high gloss, semi gloss or matt finish.
The gloss level depends on personal taste and final use of the room(s).
Three sealing coats are required for durability.

We can do the sealing for you, or you can easily do it yourself.

If you choose the DIY option, John will put you in contact with a reputable product supplier who will give you professional advice to help you select the most appropriate produce for your purpose with the added bonus of providing you the product at a competitive price!

If you give him the measurements of the floor area to be sealed, he can accurately calculate the amount of product you will need.

We understand DIY is not everyone's wish, and we do provide the full service so just let us know what you'd prefer.

Voila! The finished product – a high gloss – office floor!exposed concrete aggregate floor


We have a display area where you can see the different finishes that can be obtained.
Contact John to arrange a suitable time for you to come visit & meet John on site to see what is possible and discuss options with him.


Very attractive in outdoor areas and an economic alterative to tiles




Makes large concrete areas more attractive and ideal to reduce slipperiness of areas subject to frost and ice.

concrete hatching



concrete expansion cuts concrete expansion cuts 1 concrete expansion cuts 2

Concrete Floor Expansion Cuts for

  • houses
  • commercial buildings
  • industrial complexes
  • concrete driveways, paths, patios
  • tennis courts
  • sports courts
  • commercial yards
  • truck on site contains water tank & pump


seal cutting seal cutting nelson seal cutting tasman seal cutting west coast



concrete cutting builder concrete cutting plumber concrete cutting electrician
Cutting for a shower and cleaning up

John does whatever it takes to help you get your work done. He is flexible with his working hours to work in with tradesmen – after hours, weekends or early starts no problem.

Concrete floors Nelson Tasman West Coast Marlborough


HOLE DRILLING (also called boreing or coreing)

For plumbing pipe & fittings, electrical cables, piping for heat pumps & air conditioning units etc

Concrete hole drilling Concrete hole drilling 2 Concrete hole drilling 3 Concrete hole drilling 4



  • Using the Grinder to Remove Paint from a Workshop Floor in Preparation for Painting
  • Fast & efficient / cost effective for the owner
  • No Dust! All residues sucked directly into vacuums for removal
concrete hatching concrete driveways concrete paths
Using the Grinder to Remove Paint from a Workshop Floor in Preparation for Painting


John and Chloe

Value for Money and Reliable Advice

John will consult with you and if he feels that another process would give a better result or more cost effective for you, he will tell you and also recommend an alternative process & reputable contractor.

Contact John for concrete cutting and drilling advice, recommendations and pricing.


John's concrete cutting John's concrete cutting